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ESS AAR Equipments

ESS AAR Equipments ( ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified ) is one of the manufacturers and fabricators of Heat Exchangers, Oil Coolers, Air-cooled and Water Cooled Aftercoolers, Water chillers, Water Cooled Condensers, Pressure Vessels, Moisture Separators, Electronic Automatic Drain valves, Heatless and Refrigerated type Air Dryers, FRP cooling Towers, Crossflow Cooling Towers, Wooden Cooling Towers, and Dry Cooling Towers. Essaar Equipments was established in the year 1992 still running successfully lead with all important machineries in Coimbatore, India. We also supply Water Treatment Chemicals, Descaling Acid, Activated Alumina and Filter Cartridges and also undertake Descaling of all types of Heat Exchangers at the respective places. 

– Refrigerated Air Dryer

– Heatless Air Dryer

– Water Chiller

– Compact Air Dryer

– Micro Filter

– Airline Filter

– Cooling Towers

– Cooling Tower Spares

– Heat Exchangers

– Air Receiver Tanks, Pressure Vessels

– Ammonia Water Cooled Condenser

– Freon gas condenser

– Air Cooled After cooler

– Water Cooled After Cooler

– Air Compressor

– Industrial Reciprocating Air Compressor

– Vacuum Compressor

– Electrical Automatic Drain Valve

Air Cooled Aftercooler

Refrigerated Air Dyer

Heat Exchanger